neichan22 (neichan22) wrote,

Hello all...

I was very happy to be at BASCon. It was great seeing everyone, and browsing through the Zine, and other goodies.

Alexi came for the first time. I was glad she did, it only took a itsy bitsy wheedling (begging) at first to get here to consider it...but I'd say she was glad she came.

The Panels were a highlight for me, and my favorite, as predictable, was the Pros panel. Krisser and Dawnwind were there as well as a few other fans. In fact I learned that there is a new Pros fic posted....and right after this I am going to search for it. I can't wait. Of course again I can say I really, really enjoy Krisser's Pros fic, too, and I hope she is going to post more very soon!

I was very sorry to hear that BASCon 2009 is going to be scaled down for a myriad of reasons. Time conflicts just can't be overcome all the time. Sigh. But I was pleased to discover BASCon 2010 is going to be big. But...two years? Sigh. Where am I going to get my Con fix for next year? Suggestions anyone? If anyone doesn't know what I like....Old Fandoms. Pros, S&H, MFU....and many others. Dues South, Master and Commander, Miami Vice, British slash, NCIS, Oz/SVU fic. Yadda Yadda. Angst. H/C. Eventualy happyish endings. There isa con in Venture I've been told to try...any other suggestions on the West Coast.  There is a handout for a Con in Maryland...but I am afraid to the time I woke up from the benzos...the Con might be over. But...

Anyway, to ramble on...I got some gorgeous, gorgeous Pros art bey Suzan Lovett. I lusted seriously, madly, deeply after another piece by here...Gentlemen prefer blondes...a Napoleon/Illya composition in stark black and white. It was absolutely beautiful...but...well...I couldn't afford it. Oh well.  ~pouts~

I would really encourage people to come to BASCon in 2010. Bring your curiosity, your enthusiasm, your interests, and whatever else you care to. The Hotel is quite accomodating. I enjoyed my stay.

I'd also like to pass on...the staff and involved persons say they need volunteers, moderators for panels(yes you can create your own panel, one you've always wanted), fanfic for the Con zine, donations, Artwork!!!, Zines, and more attendees!

The dealers are fabulous and a few stuck in my mind, JennCat has Tshirt transfers (I chose one of the Pros in the morning I had my Tshirt.) Fast! Agent with style had a huge assortment of Zines (save on postage!) There were tons of Other Peoples Treasures (used zines, and books and dvds, and other things.) There were fabric items like book covers, book bags, carrier bags, knitted items, fantastic jewelry, and a big selection of pictures of our favorite actors and actresses. There was artwork for sale. And I was happy to see old movies with some of the actors I like to watch...that have been impossible to find. (Including the Pros collection). Yes, there is a theme here.

For me it was fun to see and talk to people I haven't seen in a while. It is  always interesting to meet authors whose fic you so, so enjoy.

With that...I hope the next few BASCons are even larger and more fun.

Hugs, nei

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